Beer baths

Beer baths

A private beer bath with unlimited beer consumption for 2 people takes place in the following steps:


Beer bath procedure 90 min.

  • 40 min. sauna
  • 30 min. beer bath in a tub with unlimited beer consumption
  • 20 min. resting on a straw bed


Shortened beer procedure 60 min.

  • 30 min. beer bath in a tub with unlimited beer consumption
  • 30 min. resting on a straw bed


Considering the length of the procedure, the start of the procedure can be at 18:00 at the latest.




Opening hours & prices

14:00 — 21:00
Tuesday — Sunday
9:00 — 21:00
Procedure 90 min.
2,100 Kč/2 pers.
For staying guests
1,680 Kč/2 pers.
Procedure 60 min.
1,750 Kč/2 pers.
We recommend our guests to book the selected procedure at least 3 days before the planned stay.
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Beer baths

Enjoy relaxation with all your senses

The healing power of beer: The content of hops and other natural ingredients in beer has regenerative effects on the skin and overall well-being.


Ambient lighting: The spa is equipped with a unique lighting installation that creates a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere.


Choice of tub: With us, you have the option to choose between a paired tub and two separate tubs, it depends on your preferences.


Beer baths are a perfect gift for all beer lovers. Buy a voucher in our e-shop and you can present it as a gift immediately.



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